WinLIMS Product Information

This page is used to provide you with information and downloadable demonstrations of specific WinLIMS features and functions on a self-serve basis. The items on this page will change on a frequent basis to reflect the dynamic offerings of WinLIMS by QSI.

WinLIMS is a powerful system that provides such a great deal of automation that it can be overwhelming to comprehend in a single sitting. Reviewing the software on a function-by-function basis can make it easier to understand the full power of WinLIMS either before or after your purchase.

Technical Bulletins includes a list of QSI Technical Information Bulletins and Published articles that describe core WinLIMS products, optional modules and services.

Flash Movie Demonstrations includes a list of 'Flash Movies' that are annotated demonstrations of selected WinLIMS functionalities. Seeing WinLIMS in action is sometimes more edifying than simply reading about them. Please note that the nomenclature, screen layout and functionality can be configured to meet your site specific requirements.

Technical Bulletins

 TitleAreaLast Updated
Rhodia - Novecare Case Study Product Info6/21/2006
Web-based LIMS - Right for Any Sized Lab Published Article5/24/2007
WinLIMS for Used Oils - Product Review Article10/4/2006
WinLIMS.NET in the Automotive Industry (BMW) Article4/3/2009

Flash Movie Demonstrations

 TitleAreaLast Updated
Method Manager - Add New Method - Basic WinLIMS.NET Web9/20/2007
Multi Lingual Features WinLIMS v6 Forms9/20/2007
On-Line SQC Overview WinLIMS v6 Web9/20/2007
Sample Management - External Submitters WinLIMS.NET Web9/20/2007
Sample Type Manager - Add New - Basic WinLIMS.NET Web9/20/2007
WinLIMS.NET Basic Navigation Overview WinLIMS.NET Web9/25/2007